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A pregnant woman laying on a bed holding her baby bump at a professional maternity photoshoot at home in Essex.

The Maternity Experience

Unsure whether a maternity photoshoot is for you? Then look no further. Here I’ll walk you through everything you can expect in the lead up to and during the big day. Let’s make some memories together!

A pregnant woman laying on the sofa holding her baby bump during a lifestyle maternity photoshoot at home in Essex.
A pregnant lady holding her baby bump at a lifestyle maternity photoshoot at home in Essex.

Your greatest adventure

Congratulations Mama! If you've found your way here then you must be about to embark on your best journey yet - motherhood. 

With all the excitement and preparation for your baby's arrival, pregnancy can often go by in a blur. It's time to slow down a little, and appreciate all that your body is doing. Let me show you how incredible you are.

The first chapter

Whether it's your first, second of last baby every pregnancy is a new journey into motherhood so let's document this first chapter. 

Between weeks 28-36 your bump will be blossoming, and this is the prefect time to have your maternity photoshoot. All you need to do is decide whether we are doing it at home or somewhere outdoors. This is your journey, so let's make it unique.

A couple cuddling with hands on the baby bump at a lifestyle maternity photoshoot at home in Essex.
An little girl kissing her unborn sibling in her Mum's pregnant belly at a maternity photoshoot at home in Essex.

Inside or outside?

This is your journey so let's make it unique to you. Are you an outdoorsy person who loves the beach? Then let's go there!


If you'd prefer to be in the comfort of your own home then let's do that. I want you to feel comfortable and confident throughout the shoot.

If you're stuck for location ideas outside I have a whole host of cool places we can explore. And if you still can't decide whether we're inside or out, then let's do both!

Can't decide on location? Check out my maternity gallery for some inspo.

A pregannt woman laying down with her toddler touching her baby bump during a lifestyle maternity photoshoot at home in Essex.

"It was such a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Natasha was very friendly and made me feel at ease instantly. She guided me through everything and was so patient with me and my daughter."

How it works

Still unsure about what to expect? Check out my FAQs section for answers to common maternity photoshoot questions.

A black and white silhouette of a pregnant woman holding her baby bump at a lifestyle maternity photoshoot in Essex.

Am I the photographer for you?

So now you know what to expect, you just need to work out if I'm the right fit for you. Having maternity photos taken is incredibly personal. It's important that you trust the photographer and feel comfortable and confident throughout. 


I'll make sure we're in regular contact ahead of your shoot (although not too much that it's annoying!) to ensure you feel at ease and confident on the day. Your whole experience is going to be one to remember - for all the right reasons!


So if you want an easy, relaxed and empowering photoshoot experience that creates memories to last a lifetime, then I'm for you.


“The shoot was really fun and we were immediately at ease as there was no pressure, lots of laughing and very natural photos as a result.
We have a two year old daughter and as a Mum herself, Natasha was brilliant with her, keeping it upbeat and fun for a toddler. We captured some unforgettable Mummy-daughter moments and the photos look amazing. We would absolutely recommend Natasha to anyone!"

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