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A photo of a family of four laughing and smiling at a family photoshoot at home in Essex.

Common questions about Family Photography

Below are some answers to common questions you might have relating to a family photoshoot with me. I'm always happy to chat if your query isn't covered here so please do send me a message and let's get talking. 

Where does the family photoshoot take place?

I want your family photography session to be personal to you, so this means picking a location that is special to the family. This could be cuddled up at home or it might be running around outside at your favourite place to hang. If you're stuck for ideas on where to go I have a long list of beautiful outdoor spots we can discuss in more detail!

How do I book a family photography session with you?

Simply send me a message via the contact me form on my website and we can work together to find a suitable date and location for the shoot. A small non-refundable deposit is required to secure the session (cost varies depending on package) and the remaining balance will be due the day before the shoot.

What happens if my children don't want to have their photo taken?

I come armed with a bag of tricks to win over even the most stubborn of toddlers or teenagers so do not panic. If this doesn't work then we resort to briberary with sweets (only joking!). In all seriousness, we all have our off days so if I haven't managed to win your little ones round after the first 30 minutes we can re-schedule for another time at no extra cost - but this has yet to happen so far!

How much does a family photoshoot cost?

I have a few different family photography packages to pick from depending on whether we're shooting at home or outside so there should be a package in there that's affordable for you.

What should we wear for our family photoshoot?

Something that makes you feel your best! Family photos look great when everyone is co-ordinated and wearing minimal to no patterns. I have a handy style guide that is included with all family packages to help you with deciding what to wear ahead of your photoshoot. Layers are a good way to create different looks from one outfit, or you can bring a couple of options and change during the shoot.

How do we prepare for our family photography session?

We will be in regular contact in the lead up to the shoot so you should feel prepared and relaxed heading into the session. Toys such as kites or bubbles work well for outdoor shoots but you don't have to bring any extra items if you'd prefer not to. We will be sure to create enough fun without them!

What happens if my child is ill?

As a Mum of two I know all too well about the steady supply of germs from nursery and school. If your little one is poorly leading up to the shoot I am happy to work with you to find an alternative date, provided I have enough notice. If you request to postpone the photoshoot on the day you may incur a re-booking fee.

Do you take any traditional posed photographs?

My style is natural and candid, so I usually try to avoid photos that are too posed. I find photos work best when children are allowed to play and be themselves rather than being asked to sit in poses. This also captures authentic images that are full of personality to tell your family's tale. If there are specific shots you would like let me know and we can aim to include them.

What happens if it is raining or cloudy on the day of the photoshoot?

I keep a close eye on the weather leading up to an outdoor shoot, and if rain is planned a couple of days before then I will contact you to discuss rescheduling. If the day is overcast we will still go ahead with the session as this can create beautifully soft light as well as interesting textures in the sky.

Do you photograph in colour or black and white?

I shoot all my images in RAW format, allowing me to then hand edit each of them to a colour or black and white profile depending on what I think will enhance the image. Colour and black and white conversions can be done on your selected images upon request.

How do I view the photos after the session?

You'll get a sneak preview within a couple of days of your photoshoot to show you a quick snapshot of the day. The full gallery will then be available within 3 weeks and will be sent via a secure online gallery. From here you will be able to pick your images to keep, and if there are too many to pick from then you can upgrade to include additional images, prints and photo albums.

Are you insured?

Yes - the business is fully covered with both public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. If required, I am happy to provide proof of cover upon request.

Can we include pets in our photoshoot?

Yes - I LOVE it when pets are included too. We have a labradoodle called Ted who is such a big part of the family so I know that your pet will be too.

A photograph of a family laying down in a meadow at a sunset photoshoot laughing and looking happy, in Colchester, Essex.

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