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A family laughing at an outdoor lifestyle family photogrpahy session on the Essex, Suffolk boarder.

The Family Experience

Are you wondering what a family photoshoot with me would be like? Then this page is for you! I'll talk you through everything to consider when picking a location, what to expect in the lead up to and during the big day, and what happens after. Let’s make some memories together!

A family laying down lauhing during a sunset golden hour family photoshoot in a meadow on the Essex, Suffolk boarder.
A boy hanging upsidedown laughing during a lifestyle family photoshoot at home in Essex.

Your family love story

You're busy - I get it. As I am a Mum of two too, life is hectic. But the days and years go by in a flash so don't let this time pass you by. Years from now, when your children look back at photos of their childhood what do you want them to find? Phone selfies and photos taken on a whim, or proper family photos that reminisce wonderful memories? 


Tickle time on the sofa, chasing each other round on your favourite beach or their tiny finger bopping you on the nose during a cuddle. These are the little little moments that you'll want to hold on to. 

Looking back at these photos should transport you right back to that time and how you felt. And who doesn't want that?

Let's go on an adventure

This is your family's legacy so let's make it unique to you. Are you an outdoorsy crowd that loves the running around the beach? Or perhaps the kids prefer the woods and looking for sticks? Let them pick their favourite spot and you're guaranteed happy, smily children. 


You might prefer your home comforts so they can run around and be their true selves - whatever works best for you as a family is going to produce wall worth photos. 

If you're keen to be outside but stuck for ideas, pop me a message as I have a whole host of cool places we can explore. 

A little girl laughing in a corn field during a golden hour sunset family photogrpahy session in Essex.

Can't decide on a location? Check out my family gallery for some inspo.

A Dad and his little girl cuddling at a family golden hour sunset photography session in Essex.

Golden hour goodness

If you've decided an outdoor shoot is the one for you, then you'll probably want to consider a golden hour session. These are guaranteed show stoppers for jaw-droppingly beautiful light. 

Golden hour sessions last around an hour and are at (yes you guessed it) sunset! The soft golden light creates stunning images that you'll want framed on your wall instantly. One later bedtime for little ones is more than worth it for images like these.

So what are you waiting for?

A family of four laughing during a lifestyle family photography session at home in Essex.

"Neither of us like having our photo taken so we weren't sure what to expect, but we really enjoyed it and felt very relaxed. I was a bit worried it might feel staged but it wasn't at all."

How it works

If you're still unsure about the process please check out my FAQs section for common questions about a family shoot.

Am I the photographer for you?

So now you know what to expect, you just need to work out if I'm the right fit for your family. Do you happily shoot the breeze with new people you meet? If so we're definitely going to be friends.

Worried your kids might not play ball? Don't worry, I gotcha. As a Mum of two I'm a dab hand at winning kids over and tantrum turnarounds. Happy children = happy parents, and awesome photos.


fun and effortless photoshoot experience that creates lifelong memories. Are you ready for it?

A Mum and her little girl playing during a lifestyle family photography session outside at golden hour during sunset in essex.


“Thank you so much for these amazing photos. The shoot was so effortless (even with a sometimes uncooperative toddler!). You captured so many brilliant moments. Thank you again from us both."

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